Bike to Work Day 2019

Bladensburg Pit Stop
I went to three pit stops this year. The first was at my local, where I saw Sam from Friday Coffee Club, my next door neighbor, a good friend of mine and riding pal from work, and finally was properly introduced to a gentleman whom I pass by every day on my commute. I love the biking community.

The other two stops were a bonus– just riding the trail and enjoying the spring morning. I’m not feeling like doing work today.

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Bike to Work Day 2015

Metropolitan Branch Trail sign.
I biked to work for the first time in months. (The last time I biked to work, according to my logs, was– January? Was it that long ago?) I got up bright and early, not only to beat the crowds, but because I also needed to get to work early. I rode to my new pit stop and had a friendly conversation with one of the volunteers as I picked up my t-shirt, fruit, and a granola bar. I passed by a couple more pit stops along the way, but I kept going.

I’ve recently discovered the East Coast Greenway, and have been using part of the route to get to and from work. The East Coast Greenway is a series of connecting trails and bike-friendly roads from Maine to Florida. If you watch for the signs (at the top of the photo above), you can navigate your way on the route. The section of the Greenway nearest to me conveniently dodges the big hill before the Metropolitan Branch Trail, which adds a little more mileage, but it’s worth it to me to not feel wiped out when I arrive at work. (I realize that climbing up the hill is a point of pride for bicyclists. I’ve climbed it many a time, but I don’t feel like I need to do it every time I go to work. Call me a wimp.)

It was a beautiful May day, and I felt great. I wish I could have stayed outside, but I went to work instead.

Bike to Work Day 2012

I biked to work this morning– the first time in a long while. Unlike last year, I rode solo because I had to rush to work– I have a deadline for a paper I need to write. So, briefly, some memorable points:

1. I was happy to have the pit stop in my neighborhood for the first time. And I was apparently the first person who signed up!
2. Eric was there, and it was great to see a familiar face.
3. This ride was powered by rugelach. Man, I love that stuff.
4. I saw a standoff between a squirrel and a cat, and then between two cars at an intersection. Coincidence? I think not.
5. Those hills? Wow– they’re nothing. What a difference a year makes.
6. Still hate Fort Totten Drive, though. Bad mix of school buses, cars, broken glass on the road, going uphill.
7. Wished everyone a good morning as I passed them. Obeyed traffic laws (most of them).
8. The guard at the entrance to my building and a staff member in my office were impressed that I biked to work. It’s all good.

Happy Bike to Work Day, everyone!

The Biking Thing

My first bike as an adult- a Huffy I got from an ex’s mother.

Ten years ago, I did not bike to work. I drove. Even though I lived 3 miles from work.

At the time, it made perfect sense to me. It took me about 10-15 minutes to get to work by car. By my usual mode of transportation, public transit, there was no direct route to work from where I was living, and it would have taken me 30-45 minutes. Driving was the most efficient way for me to get to work.
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