Rhymes with Purée: The Errandonnée 2014

I admit that I was not expecting to finish this year’s Errandonnée. I got a late start, as I missed the opening weekend due to a final project for school. And then, the weather forecast for today and tomorrow called for snow– again! So I was resigned to doing as many errands as I could, and be happy with an honorable mention. But somehow, I managed to get all 12 errands in on time! Here’s the long list:
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Errandonnee #10-#12

errandonnee 10
Destination: tea.

Observation: once again, a great Friday Coffee Club gathering. The regulars were there. I finally got to meet baby Hugo! Some wanted to call this a “community meeting,” I called it my second tea outing.

errandonnee 11
Destination 2: work.

Observation: Somehow, I managed to hit green lights almost all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s a first for me.

errandonnee 12
Destination 3: lunch.

Observation: It was a warm, sunny afternoon. I decided to bike to one of the food truck areas and try a truck new to me. I was unfortunately disappointed– not only was my lunch bland and flavorless, it upset my stomach. I should have stuck with empanadas. Still, it was worth it to sit in the sun for a while.

Number of miles ridden today: 8.75
Cumulative miles: 53.86
Number of categories completed: 9
Number of errands completed: 12

Errandonnee 2013– done!

Errandonnee #9

errandonnee 9
Destination: grocery store.

Observation: Picked up a few things for the weekend. Yup, that’s lettuce.

Number of miles ridden today: 3.08
Cumulative miles: 45.11
Number of categories completed: 8
Number of errands completed: 9

Errandonnee #7 and #8

Destination: dinner.

Observation: All that talk about kimchi and bibimbap earlier made me want some, so I went to one of my favorite places, Mark’s Kitchen. If you look at the bottom of the photo, you can see my helmet on the floor.

Destination 2: wild card!

Observation: After dinner, I went to taiko practice. I’m having a difficult time learning to play this technique this time around, but it’s still fun.

Both these errands were run in the dark, and in steady rain. My front light is a Cygolite Expilion 400, my rear light a Serfas TL-One.

I don’t mind riding in the rain most days, but this was a cold, steady rain, and I was soaked by the time I got to dinner. I was stupid and didn’t bring a change of clothes. Luckily, the studio was warm and practicing drums made me warm in no time.

To be honest, I didn’t feel like dealing with the cold and wet after practice was over, so I took the Metro home.

Number of miles ridden today: 11.62
Cumulative miles: 42.03
Number of categories completed: 8
Number of errands completed: 8

Errandonnee #5 and #6

errandonnee 5
Destination: library.

Observation: I had to return a book that I didn’t even get a chance to read. Sigh. The woman at the check-in desk was friendly. I should spend more time here.

errandonnee 6
Destination 2: Any store that is not a grocery store.

Observation: I was thirsty, so I bought a drink before going home. This is a horrible photo, but the security guard made me nervous, so I quickly snapped this, paid for my juice, and left.

Number of miles ridden today: 3.21
Cumulative miles: 30.41
Number of categories completed: 6
Number of errands completed: 6