Thoughts on the Curve

Despite being disappointed with the folding bike I had purchased, I was still determined to try another one. Bicycle Bug generously offered to lend his Dahon Curve D3 for me to test for a few days. We met up early on Friday, before Coffee Club, and I rode on the Dahon while he rode on a Capital Bikeshare bike.

It could be that I was already pumped up getting to Bug’s place, but I found that I could keep up easily with him on the ride. That was a good sign. And I got a lot of compliments on how I looked on the bike. That was nice, too. But the real tests were yet to come.
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An Unsuccessful Attempt at More Biking: The Raleigh Folding i8

The idea was simple. Take baby steps to introduce more riding into my week. Bike to work, take the Metro back home. Get a folding bike to be able to take the bike onto the Metro.

I bought the Raleigh Folding i8. In many respects, it’s a great commuting bike. It comes with a rear rack, and I bought fenders. It has an 8-speed internal gear hub, which shifts smoothly. It spins up hills slowly, but without resistance, so it doesn’t feel like you’re straining. Dare I say– it’s really fun to ride.

The problems developed when I took the Metro.
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