bike parking at the bakery
February has been a rough month for me, in many ways, not the least of which because of snow and ice. When there’s ice on the roads, I don’t bike, for fear of sliding. When I don’t bike for extended amounts of time, I get cranky. Until this week, I biked 4 times for the entire month. I was not in a good mood.
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Wanted: Fresh Legs

Panda Fail

Went on another shop ride. Only two other people showed up. I lost them on the first hill. They were very nice and waited for me to catch up, over and over again. One of them apologized for pushing ahead, and assured me that if I keep riding, I’ll get better at keeping up. I hope so. I was so frustrated and tired that I tried very hard not to cry in my tea at the coffee shop after the ride.

It occurs to me that I’m not starting the ride fresh, since I bike about six miles to the bike shop. Six miles doesn’t sound like a lot, but it seems to be enough to tap me out earlier than the rest. So maybe I should consider getting to the shop earlier and resting a bit? I would take the Metro, except they’re doing track work, and I would also take the car, except R often needs it to run weekend errands.

I hate the idea, but I should also consider buying a trainer so that I learn to pedal at a constant rate. I think I tend to coast more than I should, which is fine for commuting, but not for these rides.

And also, I need to work on the panda shots. MG is the queen of the danger panda shots. I still have to work on my technique.

Moonlight Madness– Without the Moonlight

Last night, I rode the Moonlight Memorial Monument Ride, led by the owners of Mt. Airy Bicycles. The description of the ride sounded appealing– ride as a group in the evening under a full moon, take a tour of the DC monuments and memorials.

The problem was that the forecast called for rain. Even as we assembled, the skies were darkened by the accumulating clouds, and when we finally got rolling, we felt the drops begin to pelt us. By the time we got to the Lincoln Memorial, it was pouring. The group was quite good-natured about it all, so it ended up being a fine time, despite getting thoroughly soaked.

I’d like to do this ride again, on a clearer night, to better appreciate the sights.