Vasa Ride 2014

Vasa Ride at the House of Sweden

In the 16th century, a Swede by the name of Gustav Eriksson Vasa escaped from imprisonment and set out to rally other Swedes to declare independence from Denmark. He skied out of Sweden to Norway to seek refuge, but eventually came back to lead a successful fight to separate from Denmark. Vasa became the first king of an independent Sweden. In 1922, Anders Pers created a ski race commemorating King Gustav’s escape and victory. and races are held every year.

Here, WABA has a bicycle ride in March called the Vasa Ride that is partially sponsored by the Embassy of Sweden. This is my first ride after being finished with school (hooray!), and I was going to make the most of it.
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The Halvvasan: Half of a Tale

blueberry soup
I meant to write up my account of the WABA Vasa Ride this week, but it’s been a hectic week, due to finals and such. So, here’s the very short version:

  • I did the half (30 miles) instead of the full this time.
  • It was cold.
  • Lots of good Bike DC friends came out. As always, it was great to have Rootchopper as a riding buddy.
  • My legs felt pretty good throughout. Am still trying to resolve the heartburn issue.
  • Hot bilberry soup (blåbärssoppa) felt great going down after a chilly ride.
  • I had a great time.

I hope to write up my next ride soon!