Why I Bike: A Manifesto

I bike to get from one place to another.
I bike to work when I can.
I bike to get in shape.
I bike to test my limits.
I spin the pedals to keep my mind from spinning out of control.
I like biking outdoors.
I like to bike with friendly people.
I bike because it makes me feel free.
I bike because it’s fun.

7 thoughts on “Why I Bike: A Manifesto

  1. are you a poet, too? is that because you have lots of free time at the library?…

    lane sent me to your blog…it’s a good blog, but i worry about your bike addiction…is it an addiction?…ha ha ha…

  2. Love the list–I have all those reasons and possibly one or two more.
    I found you thanks to a link on Tales from the Sharrows. I have a list of women’s bike blogs (at the oh-so-obvious site name womenbikeblogs.com), which I highlight via Twitter (@womenbikeblogs) and Facebook (facebook.com/womenbikeblogs). I’m adding you to the list in the next update of the site and will feature you as well. I’m working my way through a list that grows every time I work on it–I’m within shouting distance of 800 blogs, although quite a few seem to be dormant or defunct and I only highlight ones still actively posting. Hope it brings you some readers along the way.

    Happy biking and blogging!


  3. Love the lists!! I live on my Jamis Hudson for all the reasons mentioned!! Keep the biking spirit going and maybe I’ll see you on the fast (bike) lane!!!

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