Bike to Work Day 2012

I biked to work this morning– the first time in a long while. Unlike last year, I rode solo because I had to rush to work– I have a deadline for a paper I need to write. So, briefly, some memorable points:

1. I was happy to have the pit stop in my neighborhood for the first time. And I was apparently the first person who signed up!
2. Eric was there, and it was great to see a familiar face.
3. This ride was powered by rugelach. Man, I love that stuff.
4. I saw a standoff between a squirrel and a cat, and then between two cars at an intersection. Coincidence? I think not.
5. Those hills? Wow– they’re nothing. What a difference a year makes.
6. Still hate Fort Totten Drive, though. Bad mix of school buses, cars, broken glass on the road, going uphill.
7. Wished everyone a good morning as I passed them. Obeyed traffic laws (most of them).
8. The guard at the entrance to my building and a staff member in my office were impressed that I biked to work. It’s all good.

Happy Bike to Work Day, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Bike to Work Day 2012

  1. Eww, Fort Totten is my least favorite part of the ride too. Occasionally, I ride through it during off hours and it makes such a difference! I’m kind of worried what it will be like when the new buildings are finished at the bottom of the metro hill.

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