Ocean to Bay Ride 2014

Bay View

A few of my friends and I have started a tradition of meeting every year for the Ocean to Bay bike ride in Bethany Beach. They drive from Philadelphia, and R and I drive from DC to meet in Delaware to ride together. This year, we expanded the DC contingent to add Jane, Nathan, and Rootchopper(!).

Some things don’t change: it rains at least one of the days in our extended weekend, and there is confusion at the start of the ride. I signed up R and I to ride the metric century, but he didn’t feel like he had enough miles under his belt, so he wanted to switch to the 50-mile ride. Jane and Nathan also wanted to do the 50; Rootchopper and I wanted to do the metric. I didn’t see my Philly friends at the start of the ride. Although it was a sunny day, it started out cold and windy. I was getting cold standing around talking, so I wanted to get on the bike and go! Rootchopper and I headed out for the ride.
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